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One Harmony

Children Observances

While considering what kind of observance to create through Chase's Calendar of Events, I came across many observances already in place for 2006 that are about kids, or people who work with kids. Here is a list of as many as I could find in one sitting - I'm sure there are others as well, like at the state and local levels. (Please let me know of other events I can add to this list - Thanks!) Perhaps one of these will be an opportunity for you to sponsor an event to "Make Children Top Priority" ...

(nothing schedule for this month ... yet ... )

Youth Leadership Month
We Love our Kids Month
6 = Natl School Counselors Day
11 = Youth Day - Cameroon
12 = Kids Fest, Hopkins-Minnetonka (MY HOME TOWN! :)

Talk w/Your Teen About Sex Month
Music in Our Schools Month
6-10 = Natl School Breakfast Week
16 = Absolutely Incredible Kids Day
29 = Youth Day - Taiwan

Child Abuse Prevention Month
Library Media Month
1 = Natl Love Our Children Day
3-7 = Week of Young Child
5 = Paraprofessional Appreciation Day
11 = Children's Day - FL
21= Youth Service Day
23 = Children's Day - Turkey
23 =1st Public School in America Anniv
24-28 = Natl Playground Safety Week

Heal the Children Month
1 = Principals Day
5 = Children's Day - Japan, So Korea
6 = Natl Teachers Day
8-12 = Teacher Appreciation Wk-PTA
8-12 = Natl Music Week
10 = School Nurse Day
13 = Nat'l Babysitters Day
14 = Mothers Day
15-19 = Reading is Fun week

Children's Awareness Month
1 = Children's Day - China, Internatl.
11 = Children's Day - MA.
11= Children's Sunday
18 = Fathers Day
25 = America's Kids Day

(July: "National Make a Difference to Children" month)

6 = Natl Kids Day
12 = Youth Day - Zambia 7 Youth Day - UN
26 = Children's Day - Woodstock, UT

Baby Safety Month
Children's Good Manners Month
8 = UN Internatl Literacy Day
2 18 = Substitute Teacher Appreciation Day
21 = Family Day - Day to Eat w/Child
23 = Natl Kids Day - Kiwanis
23 = Read in America Day

Communicate w/Your Kids Month
2-6 = School Bus Safety Week
5 = World Teacher Day - UN
9-13 = School Lunch Week
18 = Day of Natl Concern About Young People & Gun Violence
22 = Kids Care Week

6-10 = Kids Goal Setting Week
20 = Universal Children's Day-UN
20 = Youth Day - China

2 = Special Ed Day